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Some college students have a hard time deciding between a finance major and an accounting major. While they have some similarities, entry-level accounting is more concerned with what a business has done in the past and keeping records of that history, whereas finance can be more forward-looking. While accounting information is used to help plan and make decisions, much of that work is left to senior management at most companies.

Potential finance majors can take some classes online now if they wish. There are more online business classes being offered everyday, and you can certainly enroll in some of them. More about this

Most students still prefer a conventional walk-on campus. The traditional classroom setting is still where most business majors end up. See an example

Some business majors are combining their business training with information technology classes, turning their traditional business major into more of an information systems management focus. This is a pretty smart path to follow as long as you aren't intimidated by the technology.

Unfortunately, once you graduate with your bachelor's degree, you may not be done. Many graduates will eventually start working on their masters degree in business. Most spend a couple nights a week for several years to earn their MBA. It's good to have on your resume.

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